White Marble Slab

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White Marble Slabs origin from Yen Bai provice in Viet Nam.

This used to Construction Industrial.

Dimension will be cut  by your request.

Product Information
Mohs Hardness 3 (Moh)
Water Absorption (% by wt) < 0.1
Compressive Strength (kg/cm2) Dry 479, Wet 459
Abrasion Resistance (Ha) 12.56
Bulk Specific Gravity (kg/m3)  2714
Loss of Ignition (at 1000o ± 10o C) 43.7
Silica ( as SiO2) 0.22
Alumina (as Al2O3) 0.02
Iron Oxide (as Fe2O3) 0.02
Lime (as CaO) 55.5
Magnesia (as MgO) 0.27
Titania (as TiO2) Nil
Soda (as Na2O) Less than 0.01
Potash (as K2O) Less than 0.01
Calcium Carbonate (as CaCO3) 99.07